We are often out and about, keeping our ears to the ground so we know what’s shaking as much as we shake things up. Here are a few of our upcoming events. We’d love to see you there! View our topics and speaking reel or Book Jeffri-Lynn as a speaker for your event.


Small Business Bootcamp presented by Arizona Commerce Authority

May 29, 2020

May 29, 2020 09:00 AM in Arizona


Small Business Bootcamp & Resource Collective – Session 21 – Bringing Your Brand to Life

Join us for a marketing Q&A session with marketing industry veteran and brand strategist expert, Jeffri-Lynn Campbell, Founder and CEO of Blaze Experts. Hear from a local branding expert on how to best position your small business to return stronger.

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East Valley Neighborhood NAWBO

May 21, 2020

11:30 am

K’è Main Street Learning Lab, 126 W. Main St. Mesa

Mind Your Messaging

Your brand (said your way) doesn’t always resonate with your audience. How do you make sure you know WHAT to say and even more importantly, HOW to say it? Whether you are crafting communication for a marketing channel, your website, a video, or an in-person meeting, you need to be sure the people receiving your communication understand it the way you intend. The right language, words, voice, and tone can ensure your audience really hears you…even if they aren’t actively listening!

American Title Logo

Sponsored by First American Title Agency and Hosted by AZ Property Inspections

May 14, 2020

11:00 am

Styling Your Brand. Standing Apart Without Same Shame.

Here’s what you can expect to take away from this session:

  1. The 4 I’s of marketing and the 4 A’s of Styling Your Brand
  2. Uncover your S.M.I.L.E. Qualities
  3. Discover Your Brand’s Mood
  4. Associate Your Brand Positioning


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360º Brand: From Greeting to Goodbye

April 29, 2020

8:00 am

BNI Foothills Sharks


Navigating change is difficult and when you are repositioning, on-boarding new team members, or working to improve your customer experience, it’s even more challenging. There is a new way to engage your team and help them align with your organization so they better connect with your customers! Let’s have a conversation about including (and even implementing) their ideas on your brand and how to bring it to life!

  1. The Brand Secret for Experiential Customer Interaction
  2. The Impact of Experiential Branding
  3. The 7 Signature Touchpoints

Upcoming Brand in a Day Workshops

February 7 in Central Phoenix. SOLD OUT!

October 9 in Downtown Mesa. Apply Now!