When you first embark on building your business, you don’t stop until you drop. Driven by passion, you resemble the energizer bunny…going and going and going. Is burnout knocking on your door?  Do you know when to say when? How can you recharge and rediscover that spark to keep the fire burning? Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The glorification of being a machine
    • The Energizer Bunnies
  • Freedom of running your own business
  • Range of inspiration
    • Finding the balance
    • Consistency vs. intensity
  • How do we recharge and refresh?
    • Recovery
    • Consistent self-care
  • Internal Brand Impact
    • Flexible schedule impact on morale
  • Know when to say when
    • Escape
    • Go somewhere new

Resources Discussed in this Episode:

Episode 5 – Are You a Machine?

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