Demystify Design and Blaze Your Way to Stunning Visuals

Jun 19, 2024 | Blog, Design

Once Upon a Design…

Imagine walking into a room where every design element is perfectly placed – the colors, the layout, the fonts. It’s like stepping into a visual symphony. Now, imagine you’re the maestro behind it all. Sounds amazing, right?! Well, with a little help, this can be you!

Less is more design

Less is More!

In marketing, we have a small window to capture someone’s attention so it’s important to communicate by saying less. With people constantly viewing (and scrolling by) on their mobile devices, show-stopping design becomes essential. Limit the number of words on your slide decks and write concisely on websites likely to be viewed frequently on mobile devices. Grab attention quickly and make every word count!

The Magic of White Space

When it comes to the layout, keep white space to the outside as a negative border. Avoid rivers of white space that can distract the eye and lead it off the page. Speaking of fonts, stick to two typefaces unless you’re a design prodigy! This keeps your design clean and cohesive.

Eureka designFonts and Colors are Important!

When pairing fonts, think hierarchically to ensure clarity and readability. And don’t go overboard with colors – stick to three max, including one secondary or tertiary color for contrast or emphasis. Need help choosing colors and fonts? Check out this Brand Badasses Podcast Episode!

Why Good Design Matters

Good design drives awareness, attraction, and action. It influences the perception of your business and enhances your marketing materials, encouraging views and readership. Design is a big deal!

Demystifying-Design imageReady to set your design skills on fire?

Whether you’re a DIY marketer or just looking to brush up on your design skills, Blaze Experts has got you covered. Our free Blaze Guide to Demystifying Design is packed with more tips and tricks to help you create stunning visuals for your business.

Let’s Turn Up the Heat! 🔥

Need some help? Reach out and we’ll ignite your creativity and make your marketing materials truly stand out! 

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