Demystifying Design

Many of our clients execute various aspects of their marketing themselves, which is the way we like it. We WANT you involved in your own promotion! Collaboration fosters greater creativity and allows your own personality and style to show through, whether on your digital channels and website or with a flyer for your regulars as they parade in, through, and out of your office. With resources like The Blaze Guide to Demystifying Design, we’re here to support you every step of the way!

We highly recommend even our turnkey clients pop in with organic and sincere messages now and again as it fosters more engagement through relatability. (Not to mention how inspiring or educational it can be!)

So when a number of you asked for direction on how to create visually appealing content yourselves, we said, “Why not?”

Thank you for asking!

After all, we would love to see a more beautiful world…and teaching more people about the basics of design seemed an impactful way to begin.

Whether you dabble in Adobe or are a Canva fan through and through, knowing the basics of design can help you create with confidence and we hope our handy new guide, The Blaze Guide to Demystifying Design, assists you in doing just that!

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