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Blaze helps purpose-driven organizations, both nonprofit and for-profit, increase their impact to change the world. We care about what you care about so we work with those who are working toward a greater good.

If you are engaged in your community, whether a local one or one you’ve built online, and you care about people, pets, or the planet, you can put away the smoke and mirrors because we may be just the branding agency you need to set your brand on fire.

We are big fans of frugal innovation in branding and marketing and it is especially well-received for branding and marketing in the nonprofit sector.

Our clients aren’t cheap but they aren’t wasteful! We employ and deploy frugal innovation for all our clients, regardless of budget because research shows that parameters or adversity can spur greater creativity, focused ideation which results in amplified innovation.

We’ve been told by other agencies that creativity, communication, and design aren’t valued. Our clients tell us otherwise!


Why Blaze?

Blaze is a branding agency.
We have deep expertise working with change-makers and thought leaders in both the business-to-business and straight-to-consumer spaces. We work with coaches and consultants, alternative health practitioners, business professionals, and specialists in personal services. We help real estate professionals and those providing home services, as well. For nonprofits, we have helped those with a calling for social service and social change, as well as arts organizations, trade associations, and programs for youth and those who simply make a difference.

We have deep expertise in the following industries:

  • Nonprofit Organizations + Associations + Arts Organizations
  • Health and Wellness
  • Real Estate + Home Services
  • Professional Services + Business-to-Business + Law + Finance + Coaching/Consulting + IT
  • Personal Services + Beauty + Fashion + Interior Design + Landscape Design + Salon/Spa



“To me, this Brand-in-a-Day event was the perfect example of the advice “don’t try this at home” because I realized within the first hour, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about branding! This day was exactly what I needed to focus, tease out even more of my thoughts, benefit from experts’ thoughts, and tie it all together to actually leave with the results my business was starving for: an overall brand image, a logo, a tagline, and lots of brand “pieces” to incorporate into various marketing strategies later. Thank you for a day so well spent!”

Jeffri-Lynn’s dedication to the WORD is undeniable.  She isn’t satisfied with “almost got it” rather she doesn’t stop grinding (you can actually see her mental wheels grinding) until she hits the bullseye-target -exact right word, right mood, right essence to capture what makes you – you and what makes your business and brand special.  In just a few short hours, her intuition for people and her savvy at asking the key questions had her positioned to know and understand my branding needs in a way I could have never captured on my own. 

Melia Dunn

“Jeffri-Lynn and her team are bursting with energy and passion for this work. She facilitated in a way that allowed for creativity, collaboration, inspiration–and got results. Her enthusiasm for every business owner in the room was apparent and I left with more than just beautiful branding. She helped me clarify my business goals, vision, messaging, produced a brand that authentically represents who I am and what I offer.”

Sarah Grone

Invest in the future of your business.

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We have offices in Phoenix, AZ & Venice, FL and serve customers worldwide.

Phoenix, AZ


9830 S 51st Street, Suite B-101
Phoenix, AZ 85044



Venice, FL


871 Venetia Bay Blvd., Suite 204
Venice, FL 34285



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