Why Blaze?

Blaze is a branding agency.

We work with service-driven organizations, nonprofits, and small businesses to create or refine their brands, igniting a fire that will burn for years to come.

Once we have a brand platform that connects you with your dream customer, we help you infuse that brand into all of your marketing and sales activities so you can leverage what we have built together.

If you value impact as much as you do income, we want to help you grow!

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Brand & Marketing Strategy

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Brand Tactics & Creative

Web & Graphic Design
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Coaching & Consultation

360º Brand Assessment
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Ready to Set Your Brand on Fire?

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Best practices and insight from our experts to you, Spark is like having a coach in your corner. Spark is inspiration, motivation, and education all wrapped up into one not-too-frequent package that addresses brand, marketing, creative, and operational challenges while providing food for thought. Spark is designed to help you set your brand on fire.

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360 Degree Brand Engagement by Blaze Experts

360º Brand Engagement

Since passion drives brands, we ignite the passion behind the brand and ensure the impact of the brand—both internally and externally—to create 360º engagement.

We dig deeper, go farther, and explore from every angle. We help with brand ideation and execution that impacts your external reputation—from design identification and messaging to your website. Internally, we are the perfect marriage of marketing and HR as they pertain to your brand, influencing every interaction on site.

Kindling - A Blaze Experts Program


Kindling is a collaborative strategy session developed to tackle your unique brand and marketing challenges. It is an interview with focused ideation designed to further define and refine your special sauce.  During the session, we provide feedback, ideation, and expert recommendations without further obligation, delivering a 2-3 page recap (with additional ideas) and high-level plan for setting your brand on fire.

Each session is 90 minutes long and takes a little bit of homework ahead of time. You’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish in this time!

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