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Your brand should be catching fire, resonating with your customers, and helping you warm up leads to turn them into business!

Many times, it’s not where or when you are trying to communicate with your target audience that loses steam, it’s what you are trying to communicate and how!

We have a burning question for you.

Is your marketing working the way you think it should?

Blaze Experts bring big-brand quality to service-based small businesses and nonprofit organizations. Blaze works with service-driven organizations, nonprofits, and small businesses to create or refine their brands, igniting a fire that will burn for years to come.



When there’s smoke but not a lot of fire.

When you have a million ideas but are having a difficult time getting your rock-star customer to understand what you are trying to communicate

When you know what you mean but you’re not sure how to communicate it

When you love your brand but your audience doesn’t

When you need to bring clarity to the confusion and chaos of your ideas so there is consistency, continuity, and confidence behind your communication


When the house is on fire!

Your marketing efforts used to bring results but you are seeing a diminishing return

You have changed it up, adding or taking away products or services, re-positioning to a different market, changing location, or you have new partners

When there has been a PR crisis and you need to distance yourself or you just had a realization about your brand that makes it a detriment

Your marketing is a sh!t show


When you used to be fired up but now you’re burning out.

When the wrong kind of industry, business, or type of client is responding to your promotion

When you know what you want to say but you don’t know how to say it

When you’ve been in business a while and need to reposition and refresh your brand

Results are non-existent and your marketing is at a standstill

Are your ears burning? Does this sound like you?

Blaze Experts is decisive and disruptive. We are ready to light a fire under your marketing efforts so if you are ready to make a change, Blaze might be the right fit for you.

If you are ready to turn up the heat on your brand, let’s pour some GAS* on it.


In order to turn up the heat on your brand and marketing initiatives, first you have to identify what you do to set the world on fire! Whether you need to communicate your passion (or simply a project),  this 1½ to 2-hour session helps you gain clarity so you what you need to do to stand up, stand out, and stand apart. Let’s get this fire started!


These half-day or full-day sessions are where we do the heavy lifting on your brand and marketing strategy. Whether we’re engaging in Blaze Play to build your brand or we’re talking positioning strategy, you walk away from Ignite with a plan that lights you up!

The Ignite Session is designed to heat up your initiatives so you no longer fire from the hip with your marketing.


Is your brand blazing a trail that will get you where you want to go? Let’s dig deeper, go farther, and explore your differences from every angle. Let’s burn away all the distractions and get focused on attracting your rock-star clients.


Usually, when you work with a web designer, you have to do the heavy lifting. You must research your industry, your market, your competition, and keywords for search. You are expected to write and edit (or find a writer) to generate the content. You need to choose photos, curate imagery, and art-direct the design. And you probably even need to figure out your conversion strategy and how to integrate it with your marketing efforts.

At Blaze Experts, you’re never left in the cold. We collaborate with you to build a website that goes beyond an online brochure. We do it all. For less than you may think. And it all begins with your brand.


Once we have a brand platform that connects you with your rock-star customer, we help you infuse that brand into all of your marketing and sales activities so you can leverage what we have built together.

If you value impact as much as you do income, we want to help you grow!

*GAS – Give a Sh!t Quotient.

Invest in the future of your business.

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