Blaze works with independent for-profit businesses, personal brands, and nonprofit organizations with a high GAS Quotient*.

Since we have a high GAS Quotient*, we love to work with those who do, too.

We love what we do. We believe passion drives brands and that igniting the passion behind your brand drives impact. Everyone who experiences your brand—internally or externally—should be able to sense the passion behind that brand, feel its energy, and want to engage with you. When your values align with those you do your best work with and for, the message you want to convey is received—and it resonates.

Imagine attracting the people you love to serve. That’s our goal.

Blaze works with you to create or refine your brand, igniting the growth needed to set it on fire.

Once we have a brand platform that connects you with your dream customer, we help you infuse that brand into all of your marketing and sales activities so you can leverage what we have built together.

*Give A Shit Quotient

Our Team


Founder and CEO | Brand Architect

Jeffri-Lynn found her passion at the age of 15 with her first byline where she realized her love for the written word. She then fell in love with brand strategy and aesthetic design and followed her passion all the way to an MBA. Her career has taken her from the helm of a media and event company to an international marketing position in the South Pacific. When she returned to the States, she settled in the Valley as a brand strategist for a boutique firm before kindling the idea flame that would become Blaze.

What part does Jeffri-Lynn play?

JL works with the Blaze team to build and support strong brands, both externally and internally. She consults with entrepreneurs and executives to help them execute their vision—in both traditional ways and using non-traditional methods—to innovate, spur growth, and build brand loyalty. As the brand and marketing strategist for Blaze Experts, Jeffri is the person you work with first before the rest of the team joins in to execute your strategy.

JL has a passion for helping leaders who value impact as much as income achieve the results they desire. Nonprofits light her up and she loves helping independent, small businesses battle the behemoths for market share.

Robert Dubè

Traffic Manager | Operations

Rob has been in the marketing biz for over 10 years now. Having worked for both corporate brands and small agencies, he brings operational expertise and a love for design and social media to the table. His passion for his work is what drives him to always go above and beyond for our clients and Blaze’s goal to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations feeds into Rob’s passion to help brands succeed and stand out.

What is Rob’s role?

Rob keeps Blaze projects organized and attempts to keep JL on task. He oversees operations and project management to provide on-time delivery, working with our clients, our designers, and on internal creative pursuits. His creative mind and exacting standards ensure each client’s brand is infused into every piece. He is also instrumental in building out our 360º brand work as his love for interior design, style, music, and fashion come to the fore as we apply branding to physical plant facilities and internal culture.

Elaina Yutze

Copywriter | Content Magician

Elaina has been writing since she could hold a pencil. She graduated from ASU and has relentlessly pursued her passion, even as a side hustle while working 2 or 3 other jobs to pay the bills. She is known to push her own boundaries and recently participated and performed in a Bar Flies workshop, telling her own story from the stage.

Elaina has an empathetic gift for deep understanding of another’s voice and can channel it into prose, promotional copy or stories as needed.

When do you reach out to Elaina?

When you are working with us on a website, a white paper, a brochure, an article or anything else that requires a bridge between what you want to say and whom you want to communicate with, Elaina is your contact through every step of your project.

Mandy Love

Creative Director | Graphic Design

Mandy Love is a Marketing and Design Specialist with over 15 years of branded product and design management experience. She excels at leading cross-disciplinary design teams and adds value by connecting people with brands in meaningful ways. Mandy is driven by new challenges and excels in marketing design, team building, conceptual thinking, strategy, art direction, developing project scope (budgets, timelines, and schedules) and building client relationships.

More about Mandy…

Mandy Love has worked with Jeffri-Lynn for more than 15 years. She innovates, creates, designs, and produces graphics and publications with an uncanny knack for understanding JL’s direction and translating it into an attractive, appealing, and impactful promotional pieces.

When you need a graphic design that speaks your language and resonates with your target market, Mandy has your back. Her digital designs are solid and her work is especially stellar in print.

Karen Estrin, Worry Free Sites

Website Producer | Website Design and Development

Karen Estrin is a marketer and website producer, and the owner of Worry Free Sites. Blaze works with Karen and her team to produce high-quality websites using the latest technology, security, and design options available. When Blaze brands, design, and content work together with Karen and her team, amazing things happen and we are proud to work with Karen to produce online storefronts for our clients.

What does Karen do for you?

Karen collaborates with Blaze and often comes up with creative solutions for functionality challenges, design desires, and other online marketing goals as she is on top of the latest WordPress plugins and options. Together, we have come up with less expensive, alternative solutions for website design and development problems!

Together, using the Blaze Method, we help create brilliant work that sets brands on fire.

Strategic Partners

We love the regular communication and the way you handle the business, separating your core genius as we talked with each of you depending on the specialty and need at the time. I appreciate you wanted us to look like ourselves, even as we aligned with our affiliates. You understand us and keep us on the rails.

~Jan Hill, Eden Salon and Spa

It’s almost creepy how we did all these crazy things and then you presented this. It’s exactly right. I’m even wearing the colors you chose today!

~Samone Beitler, Legacy Care Investors

Blaze Experts really know what they are doing and they are NOT just another marketing company! I’ve been working with Jeffri-Lynn for a few months now and she is absolutely brilliant. She not only knows how to pull your message out of you and solidify your brand, but in the process, she helps you to have greater clarity about yourself and your greater vision. I’ve been really impressed with all of the comprehensive services they offer.

Bud and Jeffri-Lynn are a dynamic duo and I am very grateful for them. Highly recommend them if you are looking to create a focused and productive brand and take your business to the next level.

~Jan Hill, Eden Salon and Spa

Jeffri got ‘in my head’ just like she said she would and my brand reflects my heart in a way I never knew it could.

~Toni B., Toni B. Yoga

Working with Blaze was as fun and painless process as we’ve ever had building a website or refreshing our brand.

~Richard Hill, Eden Salon

Spot on. Genius.

~Silvia Li, Altezza Advisory Group

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