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About Blaze

Blaze coaches you to create or refine your brand, igniting the growth needed to set it on fire.

We love what we do. We believe passion drives brands. Igniting the passion behind your brand drives impact. Everyone who experiences your brand—internally or externally—should be able to sense the passion behind that brand, feel its energy, and want to engage with you.

Our Team

Jeffri Lynn Campbell | Blaze Experts


co-founder | creative strategist

As co-founder and partner, I am the Integrator for Blaze. I collaborate and strategize to apply Blaze’s 360º Brand Engagement —for our clients and for us.

I work with my visionary partner (and head of creative) to build and support strong brands, both externally and internally. I consult with entrepreneurs and executives to help them execute their vision—in both traditional ways and using non-traditional methods—to innovate, spur growth, and build brand loyalty.

Together, using the Blaze Method, we help create brilliant work that sets brands on fire.