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About Blaze

Blaze is a branding agency. We work with service-driven organizations, nonprofits, and small businesses to create or refine their brands, igniting a fire that will burn for years to come.

Once we have a brand platform that connects you with your dream customer, we help you infuse that brand into all of your marketing and sales activities so you can leverage what we have built together.

We want to help you grow!

We love what we do. We believe passion drives brands and that igniting the passion behind your brand drives impact. Everyone who experiences your brand—internally or externally—should be able to sense the passion behind that brand, feel its energy, and want to engage with you. When your values align with those you do your best work with and for, the message you want to convey is received—and it resonates.

Imagine attracting the people you love to serve. That’s our goal.

Our Team

Jeffri-Lynn Campbell


Founder and CEO | Brand Architect

Jeffri-Lynn found her passion at the age of 15 with her first byline where she realized her love for the written word. She then fell in love with brand strategy and aesthetic design and followed her passion all the way to an MBA. Her career has taken her from the helm of a media and event company to an international marketing position before settling in the Valley as a brand strategist for a boutique firm before kindling the idea flame that would become Blaze.

What part does Jeffri-Lynn play?

“I work with the Blaze team to build and support strong brands, both externally and internally. I consult with entrepreneurs and executives to help them execute their vision—in both traditional ways and using non-traditional methods—to innovate, spur growth, and build brand loyalty.

I have a passion for helping leaders who value impact as much as income achieve the results they desire. Nonprofits light me up and I love helping independent, small businesses battle the behemoths for market share.”

Rob Team photo for web

Robert Dubè

Traffic Manager | Operations

Robert Dubè


What is Rob’s role?

Elaina Team Shot Website

Elaina Yutze

Client Concierge | Copywriter

Elaina Yutze


When do you reach out to Elaina?

Mandy Love

Creative Director | Graphic Design

Mandy Love


What does Mandy do?

Karen Estrin

Website Producer | Website Design and Development

Karen Estrin


What can Karen do for you?

Together, using the Blaze Method, we help create brilliant work that sets brands on fire.