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Blaze is decisive and divisive because when your best customers align with what you stand for (or against), it stands to reason that some won’t be able to take the heat and will go elsewhere. And that is EXACTLY what we want—for your rock-star target market to be attracted to your brand like a moth to flame as those are the people you will do your best work with and for—while the energy vampires that ask you to burn the candle at both ends self-select out before engaging with you.

We care about what YOU care about. Your passion drives ours. We’re not just along for the ride…we’re proud to be part of the change you make in the world. That’s the change we make as part of the ripple effect. Multiplied because of your impact. (That multiplies the change we make and we love it!)

We help purpose-driven, service-based organizations increase their impact to change the world. We love supporting those who are making the world a better place. And we found the way to do that because our core genius is being able to communicate yours.

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We love what we do. We believe that igniting the passion behind your brand drives impact. Everyone who experiences your brand—internally or externally—should be able to sense the passion behind that brand, feel its energy, and want to engage with you. When your values align with those you do your best work with and for, the message you want to convey is received—and it resonates, blazing a trail for your audience to follow.

Your brand can only shine on the outside if it is lit from within.

We believe in impact over income. Because we believe that ultimately, your impact drives your income.


Together, using the Blaze Method, we help create brilliant work that sets brands on fire.

Jeffri-Lynn Campbell, MBA

Founder and CEO | Brand Architect & Strategist

Jeffri-Lynn found her passion at the age of 15 with her first byline where she realized her love for the written word. She then fell in love with brand strategy and aesthetic design and followed her passion all the way to an MBA. Her career has taken her from the helm of a media and event company to an international marketing position in the South Pacific. When she returned to the States, she became a brand strategist for a boutique firm before kindling the idea flame that would become Blaze.

What part does Jeffri-Lynn play?

JL works with the Blaze team to build and support strong brands, both externally and internally. She consults with entrepreneurs and executives to help them execute their vision—in both traditional ways and using non-traditional methods—to innovate, spur growth, and build brand loyalty. As the brand and marketing strategist for Blaze Experts, Jeffri is the person you work with first before the rest of the team joins in to execute your strategy.

JL has a passion for helping leaders who value impact as much as income achieve the results they desire. Nonprofits light her up and she loves helping independent, small businesses battle the behemoths for market share.

Mandy Love

Creative Director | Designer Extraordinaire

Mandy Love is a trailblazing Creative Director and Designer Extraordinaire with over 18years of expertise in marketing and design management. Specializing in leading cross-disciplinary design teams, she effortlessly connects people with brands in profound ways. Mandy thrives on tackling new challenges, showcasing her prowess in marketing design, team building, conceptual thinking, strategy, art direction, and project management. Notably, she is a master at developing project scopes, handling budgets, timelines, and schedules, and nurturing lasting client relationships.

More about Mandy…

Mandy’s dynamic partnership spanning more than 15 years with Jeffri-Lynn, Mandy Love emerges as an innovative force. Her ability to innovate, create, and design aligns seamlessly with JL’s vision, producing graphics and publications that are not just attractive but also profoundly impactful. When it comes to speaking your language and resonating with your target audience, Mandy is your go-to designer. Her digital designs are rock-solid, and her print work, in particular, shines brilliantly.

Marcia Branwen

Metrics Maven | Marketing Octopus

Marcia’s career spans over 25 years in the realms of Marketing and Media. Hailing originally from the heartland of Kansas (Rock Chalk!), she currently lives in London, England. Marcia’s journey has taken her through traditional media, television news, and media campaigns, giving her a diverse background that lets her dive into any project with ease.

Where Does Marcia Fit in?

Marcia’s genuine passion is client satisfaction. She thrives on making clients happy, ensuring your marketing journey is successful from beginning to end. As a Metrics Maven, she transforms data into actionable insights. She is ready to bring her personal touch to your unique projects.

Laura Lindberg

Project Manager | Cat Herder

Laura has always been passionate about entrepreneurship, outside of being one herself! Growing up with entrepreneurial parents and undertaking a few of her own business projects as a kid, has always had a self-starter attitude. Laura then cofounded a student investment fund for social impact startups while in college which led her to work on marketing strategies for startups seeking investment. Hailing from Canada, she holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and a Minor in Communications from the University of Calgary in Alberta.

Where does Laura fit in?

As the project manager, Laura is the bridge between what you need and communicating direction to our creatives! She understands the impact you want to make on the world through your business and translates it into tactics that meet your deadlines and drive results while communicating with you at every step.

Bud Adams, American Creative Consulting

Co-Founder | Ideator | Web Designer

Bud’s design career has spanned 25 years and encompassed a diverse range of creative realms. With a comprehensive skill set, he has left an indelible mark in the world of design, showcasing his expertise in Web, Packaging, Print, Apparel, and Video. His creative journey has seen him traverse through various roles, with the last 15 years dedicated to shaping visual narratives as an Art Director.

What part does Bud play?

Bud plays a pivotal role in the creative process at Blaze Experts. He collaborates closely with clients, leveraging his many years of design experience to understand their needs and aspirations. 

Driven by a passion for making an impact through design, Bud excels in working with leaders who seek to create a lasting impression. Whether partnering with established enterprises or empowering small businesses, His portfolio is a testament to a career built on transforming visions into visually compelling realities, one design at a time.

Karen Estrin, Worry Free Sites

Website Producer | Website Design and Development
Karen Estrin is a marketer and website producer and the owner of Worry Free Sites. Blaze works with Karen and her team to produce high-quality websites using the latest technology, security, and design options available. When Blaze brands, design, and content work together with Karen and her team, amazing things happen and we are proud to work with Karen to produce online storefronts for our clients.

What does Karen do for you?

Karen collaborates with Blaze and often comes up with creative solutions for functionality challenges, design desires, and other online marketing goals as she is on top of the latest WordPress plugins and options. Together, we have come up with less expensive, alternative solutions for website design and development problems!

Elaina Yutze

Copywriter | Content Magician

Elaina has been writing since she could hold a pencil. She graduated from ASU and has relentlessly pursued her passion, even as a side hustle while working 2 or 3 other jobs to pay the bills. She is known to push her own boundaries and recently participated and performed in a Bar Flies workshop, telling her own story from the stage.

Elaina has an empathetic gift for deep understanding of another’s voice and can channel it into prose, promotional copy or stories as needed.

When do you reach out to Elaina?

When you are working with us on a website, a white paper, a brochure, an article or anything else that requires a bridge between what you want to say and whom you want to communicate with, Elaina is your contact through every step of your project.

Mary Lepak

Graphic Designer

Mary Lepak is a graphic designer who believes that great design is not just about creating beautiful visuals but also about solving problems. With 12 years of experience in the industry, she has worked with clients from various sectors. She is passionate about collaborating with clients to create designs that are not only visually appealing but also achieve their business goals. 

Brad Gregg

Illustrator | Graphic Designer

Brad Gregg stands out as an exceptionally skilled illustrator and designer, boasting an impressive career spanning over two decades.

“Creating simple images from complex issues is very enjoyable to me. To distill a design to the essential and communicate that with humor and heart is my end goal in any piece whether it is a high end ad or a complex infographic.”

In Brad’s artistic philosophy, the cornerstone of any campaign, regardless of its scale, is the art of listening. Recognizing the paramount importance of understanding the client’s vision, he approaches each project with a dedicated commitment to understanding and incorporating their perspectives and aspirations.

Shana Schwarz, Nerdy Girl Approved

Copywriter | Nerdy Girl

Shana Schwarz is the Owner of Nerdy Girl Approved, an Arizona based media company that specializes in all things wordy (and nerdy). Shana knows lots of big, important words and often uses them in the copy she writes for her clients, the articles she writes for magazines, and the books she writes for…anyone who wants to read them, really. She has a special talent for matching her writing voice to whatever the assignment calls for and is ready to handle anything from a 5-word tagline to a 600-page franchise manual. She is a mom, wife, avid reader, musical theater junkie, and all-around nice person who believes every act of kindness has the potential to change the world.

Jenna Rickets, jennaiscreative.com

Illustrator | Graphic Designer

Jenna is a designer, illustrator and artist with an knack for making visual connections. She believes that great design is about solving problems and telling compelling stories. Through the fusion of diverse influences and techniques, her work becomes a visual narrative, inviting audiences to pause, enjoy and dig deeper. Every project is an opportunity to create something meaningful and impactful, and she approaches each with a commitment to that goal.

She has over 20 years of experience in print, editorial and web design. For most of her career, she has honed her craft in boutique agencies, building strong relationships with small business clients. The ability to distill ideas into visuals and navigate the nuanced needs of each project is a hallmark of her expertise.

More about Jenna

Originally from the coast of North Carolina, she moved out to the Phoenix desert. She finds the vast outdoors and the beauty and diversity of creation to be the greatest inspiration. So, while she is not working on design projects, she enjoys hiking, biking, taking pictures and working on her own illustrations and art.


Website: https://www.jennaiscreative.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jennaiscreative

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennaricketts

Portfolio: https://www.behance.net/jennaricketts


“To me, this Brand-in-a-Day event was the perfect example of the advice “don’t try this at home” because I realized within the first hour, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about branding! This day was exactly what I needed to focus, tease out even more of my thoughts, benefit from experts’ thoughts, and tie it all together to actually leave with the results my business was starving for: an overall brand image, a logo, a tagline, and lots of brand “pieces” to incorporate into various marketing strategies later. Thank you for a day so well spent!”

“Working with Jeffri-Lynn and the Blaze team during Brand-in-a-Day, I was caught by surprise. I felt pretty sure I’d leave the experience with some tangible working tools that would provide structure for my business brand but I was blown away by the level of personalized attention dedicated to my needs and challenges. I left the workshop – yes with a structure – but also with depth – brand pillars that I can lean on with confidence…and even better… we had fun in the process! Moving forward, I have everything I need to craft my marketing for the clients I want and to bring my unique impact to the community.”

Melia Dunn

“Jeffri-Lynn and her team are bursting with energy and passion for this work. She facilitated our Brand-in-a-Day’s workshop in a way that allowed for creativity, collaboration, inspiration–and got results. Her enthusiasm for every business owner in the room was apparent and I left with more than just beautiful branding. She helped me clarify my business goals, vision, messaging, produced a brand that authentically represents who I am and what I offer.”

Sarah Grone

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