Jeffri-Lynn has a background in performance and is as at home in front of a crowd as she is conversing one-to-one.

Her high-energy delivery, coupled with her compelling storytelling capability engages an audience to interact, rather than sit back and watch.

For inspiration, education, and innovation…or even stimulating conversation…around All Things Brand, Jeffri-Lynn is your go-to-girl!

All the World is a Stage!

We work with companies, organizations and associations who value impact as much as income.

That’s why we investigate your industry and research your specific discipline before we deliver. We collaborate with you to customize a program designed to deliver the results you are looking for. Reach out to discuss alternative topics, themes, or design for your event.

Styling Your Brand: Standing Apart Without Same Shame

How do you stand out in a world of sameness? This session takes action so you leave with a new way to think about your brand and how to stand out. Learn to communicate your difference in a way that resonates so you can do your best work with the people you most want to work with!

  1. The 4 I’s of marketing and the 4 A’s of Styling Your Brand
  2. Uncover your S.M.I.L.E. Qualities
  3. Discover Your Brand’s Mood
  4. Associate Your Brand Positioning

Your Brand Said Your Way: Mind Your Messaging

Your brand (said your way) doesn’t always resonate with your audience. How do you make sure you know WHAT to say and even more importantly, HOW to say it? Whether you are crafting communication for a marketing channel, your website, a video, or an in-person meeting, you need to be sure the people receiving your communication understand it the way you intend. The right language, words, voice, and tone can ensure your audience really hears you…even if they aren’t actively listening!

Three learning objectives:

  1. Learn not only what makes you special, but which of your qualities will appeal to your target audience.
  2. Present yourself confidently, based on the competence you bring to your craft, your industry, and your customers.
  3. Learn why someone would choose you over your closest competitor.

Bringing your brand to life–the customer’s journey follows the path of your team

360º Brand: From Greeting to Goodbye

Navigating change is difficult and when you are repositioning, on-boarding new team members, or working to improve your customer experience, it’s even more challenging. There is a new way to engage your team and help them align with your organization so they better connect with your customers! Let’s have a conversation about including (and even implementing) their ideas on your brand and how to bring it to life!

  1. The Brand Secret for Experiential Customer Interaction
  2. The Impact of Experiential Branding
  3. The 7 Signature Touchpoints

Tools of the Trade

Coming Soon!

About Jeffri-Lynn

Jeffri-Lynn Campbell, MBA

Founder and CEO | Brand Architect & Strategist

Jeffri-Lynn found her passion at the age of 15 with her first byline where she realized her love for the written word. She then fell in love with brand strategy and aesthetic design and followed her passion all the way to an MBA. Her career has taken her from the helm of a media and event company to an international marketing position in the South Pacific. When she returned to the States, she settled in the Valley as a brand strategist for a boutique firm before kindling the idea flame that would become Blaze.


“To me, this Brand-in-a-Day event was the perfect example of the advice “don’t try this at home” because I realized within the first hour, I didn’t know what I didn’t know about branding! This day was exactly what I needed to focus, tease out even more of my thoughts, benefit from experts’ thoughts, and tie it all together to actually leave with the results my business was starving for: an overall brand image, a logo, a tagline, and lots of brand “pieces” to incorporate into various marketing strategies later. Thank you for a day so well spent!”

“Working with Jeffri-Lynn and the Blaze team during Brand-in-a-Day, I was caught by surprise. I felt pretty sure I’d leave the experience with some tangible working tools that would provide structure for my business brand but I was blown away by the level of personalized attention dedicated to my needs and challenges. I left the workshop – yes with a structure – but also with depth – brand pillars that I can lean on with confidence…and even better… we had fun in the process! Moving forward, I have everything I need to craft my marketing for the clients I want and to bring my unique impact to the community.”

Melia Dunn

“Jeffri-Lynn and her team are bursting with energy and passion for this work. She facilitated our Brand-in-a-Day’s workshop in a way that allowed for creativity, collaboration, inspiration–and got results. Her enthusiasm for every business owner in the room was apparent and I left with more than just beautiful branding. She helped me clarify my business goals, vision, messaging, produced a brand that authentically represents who I am and what I offer.”

Sarah Grone

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