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We’re social. But that’s not all we are and not where we begin.

If you’re looking for a strictly digital agency, you’re in the wrong place. We know some that are incredible to work with, though. So if that’s your thing, REACH OUT and we’ll introduce you.

What if your marketing felt good to you AND resonated with your target audience?

We offer brand-infused marketing for our brand and website clients only.

Those who want to work with us for marketing initiatives without allowing us to create, refine, or refresh their brand must first work with us to SOLIDIFY THEIR BRAND before beginning a marketing campaign or program.

We are happy to offer marketing services for our established B2B and B2C clients on an ongoing retainer basis or by individual project.

Our brand-infused marketing services include:

This 90-day Brand Launch (after brand and site are live) includes a short-term strategy for creating awareness around your new brand, along with the tactics and execution outlined and needed to launch the brand! Your plan may include conventional or non-traditional tactics: Content Marketing, Funnel-Building, Design, Direct Mail, Digital Marketing, and SEO, to name a few. Ignition may also include templates and tools to take it forward yourself after the initial launch.

Fan the Flames

Monthly Marketing Retainers are offered to a limited number of clients on an annual basis.

Our ongoing collaborative marketing services are focused on brand awareness, not on putting out fires. We begin with strategy, then build in the tactical execution needed to support KPIs and meet client objectives on a seasonal basis. From strategy to the activities designed to achieve campaign goals, clients on retainer enjoy high responsiveness and preferential treatment with greater urgency and decreased turnaround time, not only for projects outlined in the strategies but even those projects that seem to materialize overnight with a short deadline!

Marketing activities (customized to your needs) could include strategies, research, content marketing, content creation, lead nurture, email marketing, creative or art direction, video scripts or strategies, graphic design, integrated campaigns, direct mail, publication design, channel distribution, or support and promotion for events. And yes, even social media campaigns when part of an integrated plan.

Standards and Expectations

Our marketing retainer services are limited to those with an annual marketing budget of $50,000 or more. They are willing to invest at least $36,000 per year with us for strategic, creative, and tactical execution of their marketing initiatives. We have determined this minimum level to create the impact needed to drive awareness and results.

Marketing Additions Available for Hard-cost Additional Charges

  • SEO
  • Digital Advertising (PPC) Available in 90-day increments.
  • Video – Quoted by project
  • Photography – Quoted by project
  • Printing/Mailing – Quoted by project

Fractional CMO Services, Onsite Facilitation, and Speaking Engagement Services are also available.


After we move into creating a strategy, does the tactical execution of that strategy include graphic design work, social media management, and lead nurture? Are these things the Blaze team does or am I doing some of this work?

The marketing plan outlines all the parts and pieces we think we need to do to get you where you want to go and then we work together around priorities, resource limitations, and bandwidth to ensure we do the most important things within the retainer time allotted. Unused points can be rolled over and we maintain balance by allowing overuse in one month to even out in the following month. If we decide TOGETHER that we need to go above and beyond the points allotted, we discuss estimated overage ahead of time so you are never surprised by additional charges and billing.

What do the monthly marketing meetings consist of?
Monthly coaching sessions are one-hour alignment/touch-base meetings to review the work in the month prior, plan for the upcoming month and plan how we divide and conquer so if you need more design/content writing/email nurture/etc from us vs. needing more social media posting helps, etc. we can flex accordingly. Also, if you are having a busy month and need even more from us, or conversely have a light month and want us to work on an e-book or something, we are aligned in our initiatives and who is doing what!  
Is there any work on my end I need to do as part of the plans?
YES! We need you to collaborate with us, make decisions with us on priorities and division of duties, and provide resources/ideas/content/etc. as inspiration strikes! YOU know your business best and we want to leverage that knowledge to get you results.
How often is the marketing strategy/plan revised?
The initial, formal marketing plan is an ideal and is used as our compass. We look at metrics and priorities each month and then every season we dust it off, compare it to our “scientific” approach of “what’s working, what’s kinda working, and what’s not working” to adjust our initiatives for the next season. Each season executes its own “campaign” to drive the results you are looking for.
The 60-day opt out, on a marketing retainer agreement, is confusing to me. Can you clarify that?
Because so much of our work is front-loaded, trying to always work a season ahead for best results, the design/scheduled posts/writing/etc. is done AT LEAST a month in advance so if you decide to cancel, you just have to give us 60 days’ notice so we aren’t left unpaid for the work we have already completed for you (especially when we have already scheduled out an entire 90-day campaign on social!). Of course you receive the work we’ve completed, even if not disseminated yet, so you can use it as you go forward.

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