360º Brand Engagement

Since passion drives brands, our 360º brand ignites the passion behind your service-based brand and ensures the impact of your brand—both internally and externally—to create 360º engagement because when your culture embodies your brand internally and your own team embraces it, everyone who comes in contact with your brand is impacted similarly, whether initially exposed, onsite, or ongoing.

Together with you, we work through the brand ideation and execution that impacts your external reputation—from your signage and facility to your website. We create a brand that can come to life onsite in your facility and among your stakeholders…One that is embraced by all who engage with your brand.

360º Brands are a perfect fit for nonprofit organizations and hospitality businesses where the customer experience is enhanced and made memorable by signature touchpoints.

The 360º Brand begins with research and a brand audit followed by a day-long intensive (or two half-day intensives) with your senior leadership team. Then we follow up with a collaborative 2-hour progress review session to align and re-calibrate. This brand includes detailed target market identification, brand architecture (Vision, Mission, Core Values – up to 4, Brand Promise, Brand Pillars – up to 4, Positioning Story), brand voice guide, tagline + headline recommendations, logo, colors, fonts, textures or other design elements, and a brand book. It also includes a favicon, business card design, email signature designs, and posters to use in your facility as an internal drip campaign to build excitement around the new brand.

As part of the 360º Brand, Blaze onboards your employees to your new brand, too, as they influence every interaction from greeting to goodbye. Outrageous! And we do it all quickly so you can roll it out and reap the rewards. Ready to turn up the heat?

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