Welcome to the Sh!t Show!

LeadHerSh!t is for all the ambitious, badass, passionate, and driven women out there with an entrepreneurial spirit. Realizing that leadership is a behavior regardless of position, we all have the potential to be strong leaders—of ourselves first, and of others.

We know our sh!t, we create and produce good sh!t, we get (and sometimes have) our sh!t together, and we get sh!t done!

LeaderSh!t Happens…

So, let’s be intentional about it. At work and in life, we lead…and not always from the front. Everyone Leads. And how you lead says a lot about who you are. Are you ready to uplevel your badassery as a leader? 

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Full Frontal Disclosure:

“You would be so much prettier if you didn’t swear.”
~Jeffri-Lynn’s Mom

“How much prettier can I be?
I’m pretty
smart, I’m pretty
funny, I’m pretty
blunt, and I’m pretty
apt to stay this way.”


What can you expect in LeadHerSh!t?

💩 Sh!t we’ve tried

💩 The Sh!t that happened

💩 When the Sh!t hit the fan

💩 How we cleaned up the Sh!t

And most importantly…

💩 The Sh!t we learned

That’s what we share with you so you can avoid the 💩🌪️

F✻ckups we’ve learned from

Brand Badasses Podcast

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We have offices in Phoenix, AZ & Venice, FL and serve customers worldwide. 


9830 S 51st Street, Suite B-101
Phoenix, AZ 85044






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