Brand is your identity. It is your reputation. It is how you are perceived.

Most obvious and common is your visual identity: your logo, fonts and typestyle usage, color palette, etc.  See our blog on our BRAND MALL to clear the smoke.

But what helps your brand stand the test of time are the thoughtful decisions we make before we apply the principles to the design. They are the foundation upon which the figurehead stands.

Your brand architecture needs to be complete before you begin your design work, and it must include (at the bare minimum): 

  • Your Rock Star Clients (We identify three ‘real’ people you want to work with)
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Brand Pillars
  • Brand Story – this distills your brand elements to help you tell your story with all the brand infusion that comes later: website, video, and other content

When your brand is solidified, its communication, both verbally and visually, will be clear, concise, and effective as it blends who you are with what you do creating a consistent delivery from Greeting to Goodbye. 

Small Branding Package for Startups and Solopreneurs


With so many people escaping the cubicle and beginning businesses on their own, we thought it was time to offer a foundational brand package to help you on your journey!
Firestarter branding is a collaborative way to focus on building your brand by taking your head, heart, and habits and blending who you are with what you do.

Firestarter is an external-facing brand. It is for startups and solopreneurs who need to build a new brand or clarify the one they have. 

With our expert guidance and use of the proven Blaze Method™️, our team of strategists and designers will help you complete your brand in much less time than you might expect (One month or less).

We only accept three of these Firestarter brands per month, so reserve your spot right away!

Medium Branding Package for Small Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations


Is your brand blazing a trail that will get you where you want to go? Let’s dig deeper, go farther, and explore your differences from every angle. Let’s burn away all the distractions and get focused on attracting your rock-star clients.

Fuel focuses on the external engagement of your brand. A solid fit for small businesses and nonprofits, Fuel launches, refines or refreshes your brand.

Beginning with Kindling, Fuel builds from there, turning up the heat on your design, messaging, and selected brand elements so you have everything you need to build a consistent and compelling communication strategy.

Fuel changes everything about how your rock star customers perceive you, respond to you, and interact with you.

At Blaze, we believe your brand has more impact on your marketing efforts than anything else you do so let’s get that fire started.

Ultimate Branding Package for Small Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations

360º BRAND

Since passion drives brands, our 360º brand ignites the passion behind your service-based brand and ensures the impact of your brand—both internally and externally—to create 360º engagement because when your culture embodies your brand internally and your own team embraces it, everyone who comes in contact with your brand is impacted similarly, whether initially exposed, onsite, or ongoing.

Together with you, we work through the brand ideation and execution that impacts your external reputation—from your signage and facility to your website. We create a brand that can come to life onsite in your facility and among your stakeholders…One that is embraced by all who engage with your brand.

360º Brands are a perfect fit for nonprofit organizations and service-oriented businesses where the customer experience is enhanced and made memorable by signature touchpoints.

Invest in the future of your business.

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