With so many people escaping the cubicle and beginning businesses on their own, we thought it was time to offer a foundational brand package to help you on your journey!

Firestarter branding is a collaborative way to get focused on building your brand by infusing who you are with what you do.

With our expert guidance and use of the proven Blaze Method™️, our team of strategists and designers will help you complete your brand in much less time than you might expect (One month or less). We only accept three of these per month, so reserve your spot right away!


Two-Hour Discovery Session
– Collaborative (via Zoom or in-person) so the Blaze team can get in your head and heart to do their best work.

Audience/Target Market Profile
– Your Rock Star Client or Customer(s)

Brand Architecture
– Vision, Mission, Core Values (Up to 4)
– Brand Promise
– Brand Pillars (Up to 4)
– Positioning Story

Visual Brand Identification
– Responsive Logo
– Color Palette
– Primary and Secondary Font Selection
(Licensing is a separate pass-along charge)
– Style Guidelines Reference Poster


1-Hour Follow-Up
– 1:1 so you know how to leverage your brand going forward!

How do our clients feel about the brands we built together?

“Blaze Experts really know what they are doing and they are NOT just another marketing company! I’ve been working with Jeffri-Lynn and she is absolutely brilliant. She not only knows how to pull your message out of you and solidify your brand but in the process, she helps you to have greater clarity about yourself and your greater vision. I’ve been really impressed with all of the comprehensive services they offer.”

~Dr. Yasaman Tasalloti

“We love the regular communication and the way you handle the business, separating your core genius as we talked with each of you depending on the specialty and need at the time. I appreciate you wanted us to look like ourselves, even as we aligned with our affiliates. You understand us and keep us on the rails.”

~Jan Hill, Eden Salon and Spa

“Spot on. Genius”

~Silvia Li, Altezza Advisory Group

“It’s almost creepy how we did all these crazy things and then you presented this. It’s exactly right. I’m even wearing the colors you chose today!”

~Samone Beitler, Legacy Care Investors

“Jeffri got ‘in my head’ just like she said she would and my brand reflects my heart in a way I never knew it could.”

~Toni B. of Toni B. Yoga

“Thank you for this beautiful product and more so, thank you for this feeling of progress that has me leaning into potential, leaning into confidence.

~Melia Dunn

Reserve your spot!

We accept only 4 Firestarter Branding clients per month

 A customized brand for $4000

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