Brand is your identity. It is your reputation. It is how you are perceived.

Most obvious and common is your visual identity: your logo, fonts and typestyle usage, color palette, etc.  See our blog on our BRAND MALL to clear the smoke.

But what helps your brand stand the test of time are the thoughtful decisions we make before we apply the principles to the design. They are the foundation upon which the figurehead stands.

Your brand architecture needs to be complete before you begin your design work, and it must include (at the bare minimum): 

  • Your Rock Star Clients (We identify three ‘real’ people you want to work with)
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Values
  • Brand Pillars
  • Brand Story – this distills your brand elements to help you tell your story with all the brand infusion that comes later: website, video, and other content

When your brand is solidified, its communication, both verbally and visually, will be clear, concise, and effective as it blends who you are with what you do creating a consistent delivery from Greeting to Goodbye. 


Usually, when you work with a web designer, you have to do the heavy lifting. You must research, write and edit (or find a writer), curate imagery, choose photos, and art direct the design. 

At Blaze, you’re never left in the cold. We collaborate with you to build a website that goes beyond an online brochure. We do it all. For less than you think. Because it all begins with brand.


We’re social. But that’s not all we are and not where we begin. 

If you’re looking for a strictly digital agency, you’re in the wrong place. We know some that are incredible to work with, though. So if that’s your thing, REACH OUT and we’ll introduce you.

What if your marketing felt good to you AND resonated with your target audience?

We offer brand-infused marketing for our brand and website clients only. 
Those who want to work with us for marketing initiatives without allowing us to create, refine, or refresh their brand must first work with us to SOLIDIFY THEIR BRAND before beginning a marketing campaign or program. 

Fan the Flames

Monthly Marketing Retainers are offered to a limited number of clients on an annual basis.

Our ongoing collaborative marketing services are focused on brand awareness, not on putting out fires. We begin with strategy, then build in the tactical execution needed to support KPIs and meet client objectives on a seasonal basis. From strategy to the activities designed to achieve campaign goals, clients on retainer enjoy high responsiveness and preferential treatment with greater urgency and decreased turnaround time, not only for projects outlined in the strategies but even those projects that seem to materialize overnight with a short deadline!

Marketing activities (customized to your needs) could include strategies, research, content marketing, content creation, lead nurture, email marketing, creative or art direction, video scripts or strategies, graphic design, integrated campaigns, direct mail, publication design, channel distribution, or support and promotion for events. And yes, even social media campaigns when part of an integrated plan.

Standards and Expectations.
Our marketing retainer services are limited to those with an annual marketing budget of $50,000 or more. They are willing to invest at least $36,000 per year with us for strategic, creative, and tactical execution of their marketing initiatives. We have determined this minimum level to create the impact needed to drive awareness and results.


  • SEO
  • Digital Advertising (PPC) Available in 90-day increments.
  • Video – Quoted by project
  • Photography – Quoted by project
  • Printing/Mailing – Quoted by project

Fractional CMO Services, Onsite Facilitation, and Speaking Engagement Services are also available.

Invest in the future of your business.

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