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Kindling - A Blaze Experts Program

Start with Kindling

Your brand begins with you and how your rock star clients see you. If your message isn’t really singing, we need to get in your head.

Kindling is a Brand and Creative Coaching Session developed to tackle your unique brand and marketing challenges. It is an interview and focused strategy session to further define and refine your special sauce. Designed to provide feedback, ideation, and expert recommendations without further obligation, it ends with the delivery of a 2-3 page plan for how to set your brand on fire.

1 1/2 to 2-hour interview & strategy session plus a little homework beforehand.

Fuel for your Brand | Blaze Experts

Brand FUEL

Is your brand blazing a trail that will get you where you want to go? Let’s dig deeper, go farther, and explore your difference from every angle. Let’s burn away all the distractions and get focused on attracting your rock star clients.

Fuel focuses on the external engagement of your brand. A solid fit for small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs, fuel launches or refreshes your brand. Beginning with Kindling, Fuel builds from there, turning up the heat on your design, messaging, and selected brand elements.

For a detailed list of what Fuel includes, reach out.

360º Brand Engagement - A Blaze Experts Program

360º Brand Engagement

Since passion drives brands, we ignite the passion behind your service-based brand and ensure the impact of your brand—both internally and externally—to create 360º engagement.

Together with you, we work through the brand ideation and execution that impacts your external reputation—from your design identification and messaging to your website. Then we onboard your employees with your new brand, too as they influence every interaction from greeting to goodbye. Outrageous! And we do it all quickly so you can roll it out and reap the rewards. Ready to turn up the heat?

Want to have a fireside chat first? 

Email [email protected] to talk and get the straight skinny.

Brand and Marketing Strategy

360º Brand Engagement

We ignite the passion behind the brand and ensure the impact of the brand—both internally and externally—to create 360º engagement. We dig deeper, go farther, and explore from every angle. We help with brand ideation and execution that impacts your external reputation—from Brand ID and messaging to signage. Internally, we are the perfect marriage of marketing and HR as they pertain to your brand, influencing every interaction onsite.

Brand Architecture

We work with you to build your brand…helping you clarify your vision, mission and values to develop your positioning, brand pillars, impact and reputation…even your pitch.

Marketing Plans

Whether it’s a strategic marketing plan or a short-term tactical campaign (or both!), we can pull it all together to help you achieve the results you seek. We can even help you execute, if that’s the gap you need filled.

Brand ID

From logo design and color palette to brand style, personality and language—we achieve both the visual representation and the voice you are looking for when delivering your message. From aesthetics to content and everything in between, our experts have you covered.


With extensive experience in design pursuits, we can provide original and innovative ideation to reach your objectives. Adept in digital and IU, video and print, we can ensure we utilize the right medium for your message and develop campaigns with synergy and impact.

Content Generation

We offer both editing and copywriting in your brand voice. Whether for your website, blog posts, or social media, we ensure your messages are spot-on while we right-size your word count to get your thoughts out there and support your brand. We can also help determine the best distribution channels for your messages and help you use them.

360º Brand Assessment

What begins with an in-depth review of your current brand materials continues with an onsite visit to understand the brand experience of your customer. Observations of your internal team at work are supplemented with key interviews to culminate in a 360º brand report, delivered with our experts’ recommendations of next steps.

Creativity Coaching

You and your team can benefit from Blaze Experts’ years of experience in knowing not just what looks good, but what works. Whether you are building your own in-house creative team or simply designing pitch PowerPoint presentations, creativity coaching and art direction can take your output from good to great. Both short- and long-term packages are available.

Process & Productivity

Optimizing your effectiveness and efficiencies in sales, marketing and operations can have an immediate impact on your bottom line. We work with you and your team to help determine what is working well and what can improve. Then we help develop evolved processes to get your team firing on all cylinders, refining as needed and coaching them to optimal performance.


Kindling is a brand and creative coaching program Blaze uses to support startups as they develop their brands. We provide feedback, ideation and expert recommendations through a limited number of 45-minute sessions each month.

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