#3 – Positioning Association

Oct 2, 2018 | 360º Brand Engagement, Brand Badasses, Brand Badasses Podcast

Blaze uses positioning association to help you clarify the look and feel of your brand as part of the Blaze Method of 360º Brand Engagement. Positioning Association helps you step away from your brand and get clarity by looking at your business from all angles. You frame your brand by comparing it to different objects, animals, destinations that speak to you. It’s not only what you are, it helps you define what you are not. Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Framing out each piece of Positioning Association
    • If my brand were a destination, we’d be…
    • If my brand were an animal, we’d be…
  • Express in words why or how the thing represents a characteristic or emotion you want your brand to exhibit
  • Blaze Experts examples for modeling

Resources Discussed in this Episode:

Episode 3 – Positioning Association
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