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Dr Karthik Ramanan

Dr. K did what many entrepreneurs do when starting out. He picked his favorite colors, had a logo designed on Fiverr, spent a ton of time and money on education, attended webinars and workshops, and enrolled in courses to educate himself on the best way to attract business.

And what happened? Nothing.

After two years of struggle, Dr. K was introduced to Blaze, and we set his brand on fire. Now he is Blaze’s ambassador, telling everyone who will listen that the research, the detailed 3-tier target market profiles, and even the color he argued against in the beginning has led to a brand that attracts the people he does his best work with and for.

He is impacting lives, and that is generating the income to sustain and grow his business so he can help people stop chasing joy and begin living in wonder. Blaze is proud to be a part of that.


2020 to Present


Creative Campaigns



Strategic Marketing

Tactical Marketing Execution



Brand Architecture

Brand Voice

Visual Identity


Brand + Marketing Strategy

Integrated Creative Campaigns

Communication + Content Marketing

Design: Digital + Print

Email Marketing + Lead Nurture

Powerpoint Design

Social Media Management

Workbook Design





First, Dr. K sought to conquer deep-seated emotional unrest using a myriad of diverse coping mechanisms. Next, he became a doctor, ready to help others using the tools he discovered in his own life and studies at the crossroads of compassion and science. See beyond your current life’s burnout, exhaustion, and frustration and look towards a future of optimum selfhood. Who do you want to be?

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