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Relevation Beauty

Arielle Ross dreamt of building a beauty brand founded upon an empowerment platform for women in her pre-teen years. In her 20s, her dream came true in the form of Relevation Beauty, a brand built with a philanthropic component that can eventually grow into a foundation that redefines what it means to be an empowered woman.

You see, Ari doesn’t believe makeup is a mask. She believes it to be a cape that reveals our most powerful self because when we feel beautiful, we are. 

We needed to blend these ideals and Arielle’s personal values into a clean, organic, and cruelty-free brand positioned with high value at an affordable price. No easy task!

The Blaze Experts embraced the challenge and the collaboration resulted in Relevation Beauty, a brand that leaves women feeling Captivating; Never Captured.




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The Relevation Beauty brand embraces femininity in all its forms: strength, beauty, resilience, generosity, influence, motivation, nurture, and love. We help women look the way they want to feel because when you look your best, you can do your best.

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