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Tracy J. Edmonds

Author Tracy J. Edmonds escaped the cubicle through early retirement and set out on her next chapter as an entrepreneur with Blaze by her side. As she prepared to launch her book, she knew she needed more than a logo. She needed a brand that communicated visually and verbally what she meant and wanted her target market to understand versus simply saying what she wanted to say. Her book was doing that. Her brand needed to relate to her audience, appeal to them, and attract them so she could make the kind of impact she wanted to have, helping women of color navigate the corporate landscape as leaders. 

Fast forward to now as Tracy J often has a waiting list in her consulting business and is booked to speak on stages months in advance. This is a testament to the results that can happen when you blend your head, heart, and habits into your passion, your purpose, and your profession.


Event Support
Marketing Strategy


Brand Architecture
Brand Voice
Visual Identity
Logo Design
Print Design
Digital Design

Powerpoint Design
Workbook Design
Brand Awareness Campaigns:
External Marketing Rollout
Virtual Event Support

Tracy J offers a bold approach for women in the workplace that begins with internal inventory and ends with societal solutions based upon authentic expression. She partners with executives to expand their impact through authentic leadership, helping them to create lives and careers they love while cultivating inclusion in their organizations.

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