Kenny Weiss

Author Kenny Weiss is an advocate for truth and healing through Emotional Authenticity.

He helps people heal from their trauma, codependency, abuse, and the pain of their past so they can once again learn to love themselves. And though he had built quite a following on social media, his engagement was declining and he was watching his growth stagnate. Because he was on a mission to help people master their emotions, he wanted to ensure he could help as many as possible so he came to Blaze to examine his brand and collaborate with him to revamp his brand messaging. 

Kenny’s brand refresh and new strategy revitalized his own passion for his purpose. It propelled traffic to his website, increased conversion into his online course, grew his email list and his following on social media, helped fuel a surge in the sales of his first book, and inspired him to write his second book!


Brand + Marketing Strategy


Brand Architecture

Brand Voice

Visual Identity

Logo Design

Digital Design

Print Design

Marketing Strategy + Tactical Execution

Email Nurture Campaigns


Website Design + Development

Kenny Weiss is an Emotional Authenticity coach and founder of The Greatness University. He believes experience is the best teacher only when it allows you to pass on the lessons you have learned. Since your most important relationship is with you, Kenny takes you on a journey of emotional authenticity because you deserve to love yourself.

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