#6 – When is it Time for a Brand Refresh?

Oct 11, 2018 | Brand Badasses Podcast, Bud, Jeffri-Lynn

Brand can be like last year’s outfit. Try it on and see if it fits. Some styles are timeless while others are trendy. When looking at your brand inside and out—from its design identity to its message—has it evolved with you? Here’s a look at the elements and how they may stand the test of time to sustain your brand and business over the long-term. Topics Discussed in this Episode:

The 5 Elements of Brand

  1. Brand Development | Refinement
  • Reimagine the foundation of your brand
  • Examine the core values of the business
  • Shift the identity to align with the values today
  1. Brand Design Identification
  • Visual philosophy and representation
  • Personality: Voice, Language, Tone
  1. Brand Application
  • Channels, Messaging, Presentation
  1. Brand Infusion
  • Designing & Teaching, Learning & Participating
  1. Brand Activation
  • Practicing, Experiencing, Celebrating

Resources Discussed in this Episode:

5 Elements of Brand

Episode 6 – When is it Time for a Brand Refresh?
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