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Brand Badasses Podcast, Bud, Jeffri-Lynn

#12 – Our First Brand Badass

January 22, 2019, Author: Bud Adams

Ryan is a Business Solutions Manager and Team Lead for Ledgent Technology. He provides support to local Phoenix businesses and jobseekers, working to fulfill their employment needs and connect them with the best talent available. Half business support and half [...]

Brand Badasses Podcast, Bud, Jeffri-Lynn

#11 – Imagery & Photography

January 8, 2019, Author: Bud Adams

Your image depends on cohesion…not only in your messaging but also in the way your brand is depicted in all of your communications and promotions. From Instagram to In-Person Appearances, your imagery says a lot about the work you do [...]

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Your Target Market isn’t an Avatar

January 8, 2019, Author: Jeffri-Lynn Campbell

Your avatar isn't real. We've heard them called avatars. We read about personas. We talk ad nauseum about audiences, ideal clients, and targets. We know we need to get specific, narrow and deep (even though it's frightening) and yet, when [...]

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Blaze Experts’ Branding Alphabet

January 2, 2019, Author: Jeffri-Lynn Campbell

The ABC's of Branding A-B-C-D-E-F-G...H-I-J-K-LMNOP...Q-R-S, T-U-V, W-X, Y and Z Blaze has our own ABC's, Just for Branding, you will see... A is for Awareness to get yourself known. This is not something you do on your own. It's also for Attraction, [...]

Brand Badasses Podcast, Bud, Jeffri-Lynn

#10 – 360º Brand Engagement

December 18, 2018, Author: Blaze Experts

360º brand goes beyond your external image and reputation. It looks at the internal impact of the brand, too. From greeting to goodbye, your customer's journey is determined by infusion of your brand throughout every interaction. "A well-designed brand that [...]

Brand Badasses Podcast, Bud, Jeffri-Lynn

#9 – Design Identity: Choices: Colors & Fonts

November 27, 2018, Author: Blaze Experts

Usage of color and fonts can communicate your brand without words. Be thoughtful and intentional with their use rather than just "picking your favorites." "Colors…translate some sort of energy. If there is a particular energy that is important to your [...]

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Do you have Four I’s?

November 19, 2018, Author: Jeffri-Lynn Campbell

Who are YOU? Remember the caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland? (That's me playing him in my high school play.) The caterpillar was always asking, "Who are YOU?" And even when the question was answered, he would ask the same question over [...]

Brand Badasses Podcast, Bud, Jeffri-Lynn

#8 – Logo Logic

November 6, 2018, Author: Blaze Experts

Your freakin' logo is probably the most visible and recognizable symbol of your brand, so we spent some serious time dreaming up the design for ours. Whether you are thinking about a DIY logo or you plan to direct a [...]

Brand Badasses Podcast, Bud, Jeffri-Lynn

#7 – Paint the Picture. Then Tell the Story.

October 16, 2018, Author: Blaze Experts

Even your words should paint a picture in your dream customer's mind's eye. What story is your brand telling? "Some businesses miss their style because they are grounded in stereotypes." Topics Discussed in this Episode: The Picture:A cohesive look that [...]

Brand Badasses Podcast, Bud, Jeffri-Lynn

#6 – When is it Time for a Brand Refresh?

October 11, 2018, Author: Blaze Experts

Brand can be like last year's outfit. Try it on and see if it fits. Some styles are timeless while others are trendy. When looking at your brand inside and out—from its design identity to its message—has it evolved with [...]