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Jul 23, 2018 | Blog, Brand Badassery, Bud, Jeffri-Lynn

Not surprisingly, as two partners (a visionary and an integrator, each with balanced right- and left-brains), we had many, multi-faceted reasons. Since we took the time to guide ourselves through our own branding method, we (eventually!) gained clarity and had a firm answer to the question. Here is the “short” version.

Jeffri here. I grew up with a serial entrepreneur for a father. Small business (after small business, after small business) was our life and lifestyle. It gave us scheduling freedom, allowing my parents to attend all of my various activities and performances and my brother’s athletic events. Those businesses also provided my first job(s)! But it was more: The hustle. The endless learning. The next big thing. Every day was new and different. I saw the motivation that came from innovating, providing consistently solid service, customer feedback and satisfaction, and different approaches to promotion…I learned that business was driven by passion. And I learned that it takes both a hot spark and a slow burn to sustain brand impact and therefore business growth. It is my intent to ensure we provide both!

Bud here. I AM a serial entrepreneur. Every one of my businesses (and most of my jobs) has allowed me to create. From comedy shows to manufacturing and from bars to zoos, I have had a hand in designing something impactful for my clients, whether it was a logo or a video, a business card or a poster. The satisfaction and rush from doing that never fade. I love my job. I love what I do every day. This is my passion and if I know anything, it’s this: Your passion is your fuel. With fuel, your brand continues to burn. It glows.

While we contemplated our drive to do this thing and reflected on our past life experiences and what has worked (or has not worked) for clients and case studies alike, we decided that creating and defining your business is only the beginning. It could be just like a lit match…without fuel, it burns out quickly and is gone. The fuel is the passion behind the business and the brand. The initial spark then becomes the blaze that sets your brand on fire. It includes the engagement of your team and the way their “why” ties into the organization’s purpose… and whether they see that connection. Many businesses and organizations only consider the external audience when launching, promoting or branding. When you are only branding on the outside, you haven’t fully turned up the heat on your brand. Onsite brand infusion ensures you warm your customers both inside and out. What better way to influence their return or intent to recommend? This is the slow burn that sustains.

And what about authenticity? The word is thrown around ad nauseam but as we know, cliché had its origins, too. The brand that is genuine, that is a reflection of the values of its ownership or leadership, is a brand that can stand true and deliver. A brand based upon “should” and “could” will falter as its foundation is shaky and is but a façade…superficial at its best and hypocritical at its worst. Authenticity burns away the diluting extras, leaving fresh, new growth.

When values, passion, personality and specific, focused messaging come together, it blazes a trail through the thick undergrowth of both external competition and internal talent development…attracting your ideal audience to you while simultaneously educating your most important resource on how to live your brand so your customers feel it when they do business with you.[contact-form-7 id=”4″]

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